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From the Chairmans' Desk

By Peter Palmer

Peter Palmer, NJTPA Chair

This issue of InTransition brings you reporting on important and cutting-edge topics involving goods movement. Here in northern New Jersey, freight is a vital economic topic, since our region is a hub for goods distribution for much of the rich consumer market throughout the northeastern United States.

As Chairman of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority and also Chairman and founder of the NJTPA's Freight Initiatives Committee, I'm proud of having worked cooperatively with key stakeholders, agencies and communities to improve goods movement in our region.

But the goods movement sector is changing. As reported on here, the e-commerce revolution is transforming how and where goods are handled. We've already seen Amazon open major facilities in New Jersey.

And technology is spurring the creation of mobile applications that, among other functions, connect shippers with people who can haul their products.

All the while, states are looking to public-private partnerships to fund important rail projects, including some in the NJTPA region.

This and more is covered in this issue of InTransition. Send us your thoughts and comments.

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